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Djangocon blip channel

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Djangocon blip channel

by Django

Published 2012

A grab of the Djangocon blip channel before it was removed.
A listing of the videos below:
Advanced Django Form Usage
Advanced security topics
Alice in Performanceland -- Down the Rabbit Hole with Frank Wiles
A Little South Sanity
Alternative views
A socio-political analysis of open source community
A Summer in the Wild
Benevolent Designer For Life's Keynote - Designers Make It Go to Eleven
Best Practices for Front-End Django Developers
Breaking down the process of building a custom CMS
Building APIs in Django with Tastypie
Cache rules everything around me
Confessions of a life long Perl Bigot
Confessions of Joe Developer
Cowboy Development with Django
Customizing the Django Admin
Customizing your Satchmo Store
Custom Signals for Uncoupled Design
Database Migrations, South, And You
Data Herding - How to Shepherd Your Flock Through Valleys of Darkness
Deploying Django
Deployment, Daemons and Datacenters
Distinguished Guest Speaker
Distinguished Guest Speaker
Django Core Dev Panel
Django Forms - Tips, Tricks and Ways to Stay Out of Trouble
Django Hosting Panel
Django is obsolete (but so is everything else)
Django on Jython - Ready for Production
Django Package Thunderdome - Is Your Package Worthy
Django Technical Design Panel
Domain Specific Frameworks - Why they rock and what can we do to get more of them
DSF Announcements and Q&A
Fighting malnutrition with SMS and Django
Fireside Chat with a BDFL
First steps in performance tuning
From Designer to Django'er in Six Weeks - A Story from Solo Founder
Getting the most out of the Test Client
Google Summer of Code Overview Panel
How to Contribute to Pinax
How to name your open source Django project after a famous Jazz musician, and concepts behind Django-Mingus, a project leveraging only reusable apps.
How to sell Django
How-To - use virtualenv and pip to install stuff
Introduction from the fake Jacob Kaplan-Moss
Introduction to GeoDjango
Introduction to Pinax
Keynote - Brad Fitzpatrick
Keynote - David Eaves
Keynote - Glyph Lefkowitz
Large Problems in Django, Mostly Solved
Learning a new codebase
Lightning Talks - Day 1
Lightning Talks Day 2
Lightning Talks Day 3
Lightning Talks - Day 3
Lightning Talks - extra copy of day 3, delete me
Lightning Talks - Thurs AM
Lightning Talks Tue pm
Lightning Talks - Wed am
Making interactive maps for the web
Making the Django ORM Multilingual
Making the leap to Django
Making your PostgreSQL database sing
Maps of Imaginary Lands
Massaging the Pony - Message Queues and You
Modeling challenges
Monitoring Code Quality in Your Django Project
Monkeying Around with Python at New Relic
Multi-database patterns
No! Bad Pony!
NoSQL and Django Panel
Now What
Painless Django app localization with Transifex
Pinax after Three Years - Lessons Learnt and the Way Forward
Pluggable, Reusable Django Apps - A Use Case and Proposed Solution
Pony Pwning
Real-Time Django
Real-time Web and Other Buzzwords
Real world Django deployment using Chef
RESTful APIs - Promises & Lies
RESTful Ponies
Rethinking the Reusable Application Paradigm
RTFM -- wRite The Friendly Manual
Safely deploying on the cutting edge
Scaling Django Web Applications
Scaling the World's Largest Django Application
Secrets of PostgreSQL Performance
Selling Django to Your Superiors - Success Stories Panel
So you want to be a core developer
Sprints Kickoff
State of Pinax
State of Pinax
State of the DSF Keynote
Step Away From That Database
Stop Tilting at Windmills - Spotting Bottlenecks
Switching from CakePHP to Django
Taming dependencies with pip
Teaching an Old Pony New Tricks - Maintaining and Updating an Aging Django Project
Teaching Django to Comrades
Technical Design Panel
Testing - The Developer Strikes Back
Testing with Lettuce and Splinter
The story and tech of Read the Docs
Token Testing Talk
Topics of Interest
Typewar - A Case Study
Using Django in Non-Standard Ways
Welcome and Chairman's Address
What is Sprinting
What the Heck Went Wrong
When not to use the ORM - bulk data loading strategies for large datasets.
Why Django Sucks, and How We Can Fix It
Why the Django Documentation Sucks
Y'all Wanna Scrape with Us Content Ain't a ThingĀ  - Web Scraping With Our Favorite Python Libraries

Language English
Collection bliptv; vlogs


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